Lessons From the Auditionist Casting Platform

At Auditionist, we often get asked the same questions about getting cast using showreels and selftapes. Today we’ll share the answers that will help you get more roles in the future. What do productions want from your showreel? Showreels are essential for landing both small and large roles. For small roles, many actors are invited […]

What would Julie Do? – The Do-Re-Mi Challenges

Hello Happy Performers,  It’s Rosie Williamson a.k.a that ‘What Would Julie Do?’ girl here and I have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mission for you… should you choose to accept it…   It’s getting to that time of year when us performers are either plunging into panto, busy with Christmas gigs or wishing we were busier. I often […]

“What Would Julie Do?” LIVE

  Rosie Williamson, ‘Happy Performer’ blogger and creator of “What Would Julie Do?: A Practically Perfect Guide to Living” (www.whatwouldjulie.com), is hosting her first live show on Sunday 30th October 2016.   It promises to be an evening of musical theatre therapy where emerging musical theatre performers share ideas on how to solve problems (like […]

How to survive ‘Doubling up’ Shows

Well I never, you’ve only gone and got yourself another job. Congratulations. Pop, pop, pop.  What’s that? You’ve already got a job? Oh two at once, even more congratulations and felicitaciones to you. Now all you have to think about is how you’re going to survive the workload. Who’d have thunk it, two jobs at […]


Kerry Stammers is a Yoga teacher, Acro Yogi, Ex West End Wendy, treading barefootbabysteps into Motherhood, nature, travel, adventures, climbing trees and creative outlets. As singers and actors, the whole body becomes an instrument. In a profession that is extremely demanding and competitive, we want to give ourselves the best possible chance by being equipped […]

6 traits all Performers need to succeed. 

Actor and Life coach Sophie Linder-Lee Do you have something that you are struggling with at the moment? I know what you’re thinking: “Did she really just ask that?”  Of course you do, we all have ‘The Stuff’. It’s what makes us feel significant actually. All ‘The Stuff’ reminds us what’s important, what matters and […]

Should we lose what makes us us to get a role? 

Actor and Blogger Luke Newey Picture the scene: After spending the last six hours serving customers who can only be described as spawns of satan and dealing with a dictator of a manager, you get a phone call for an audition you’ve been waiting for. Whether it be a dream role, a job that can get […]

20 Ways to Add Variety to you Life

Welcome to the first in a regular feature; The Happy Performer Bookclub #HappyReads We’re quite the avid bookworms over here at The Happy Performer and we’ll be bringing you the best #HappyReads we can get out wormy little mitts on.  Read along with us and let us know which #HappyReads well…..made you Happy. What did […]

Why Performers need Internet Quotes.

Sophie Linder-Lee: Actor and creator of The Happy Performer  Another day, another scroll down your timeline punctuated with the ethereal voice of the God of the World Wide Web. The 21st century’s answer to those Sunday Psalms. The internet quote. Can I get an AMEN. But why do we whoop, holla and hallelujah the internet’s […]