Organising is really just one big game of Tetris.

Stack the stuff neatly and lines of problems will just keep disappearing right before your eyes. Promise.
Having just spent the last 3 days face deep in tax receipts that show my penchant for scotch eggs and Dr Organic deodorant, I’m feeling like I’m on level 100 and about to be crowned Nintendo champion of all things Gameboy.



“Organising is really just one big game of Tetris”


Is there anything that makes you feel more fulfilled than the sweet sweet stench of organisation?!

Because kids here’s the truth, for every minute spent organising, an hour is earned. An hour more you can spend on Pinterest not feeling guilty about all the things you SHOULD be doing, because you’ve done them. *cheers*

I’ve always been eccentrically organised, even as a kid I used to collect holiday brochures and file them alphabetically in my kiddie filing cabinet….for fun. However, in the past few years I have taken organisation to a new level, and it makes me REALLY HAPPY. I still got on a train a few weeks ago and travelled 100 miles in the wrong direction before I noticed, so it’s not all sunshine, rainbows and fairy cakes. But being organised is not about being perfect, it’s about finding what you need when you need it.

If you’re someone that has always lived in Hiroshima, searching through rubble for your keys and that bloody wedding invite so you can let them know; chicken or fish, you might be of the thinking, that’s just the way life is for you. But it is possible to step over to the other side where things are in pretty coordinated files and you always know where the Sellotape is. Huzzah.

You don’t have to change your personality to be just have to change your habits.

Here’s 50 Top Tips for kick starting project Tetris:

1. If there’s a job that takes less than 5 minutes, do it now. Later is the best friend of clutter

2. Everything has a specific home. House your home.

3. Then put it back.

4. Zone your stuff in your house.

5. Don’t let one zone slip into another. If you really can’t find something, at least you have a good idea which corner of the house it’s in.

6. Wipe surfaces, sinks, oven tops straight after you use them.

7. Do the pots before you eat (apart from the pot you’re eating off). No one wants to do those dishes after.

8. Empty the bin as soon as it’s full.

9. Buy Loo roll when you have one roll left. Not none. No one likes a cardboard wipe/shakey dance.

10. Pick one day of the week that you clean. And do it.

11. Clean as you go. (I learnt that valuable lesson when I worked at McDonald’s….and got fat that summer….but I learnt that valuable lesson).

12 Have 2 washing baskets. Colours and whites.

13. Do your tax on April 7th.

14. File your receipts as soon as you empty them from your wallet/purse in a category file.

15. Pay your tax weekly. You can set up a weekly budget plan with HMRC. You just call and ask to set up a DD.

16. Food prep one day a week, for the week.

17. Take cash out of the machine for your weekly spending budget. Separate it into days if you want.

18. Contain, file and box things.

19. Write lists

20.  Then write a top 3 list

21.  Then write a a daily, weekly, monthly list

22.  Go one step further and make a daily grid. Split a page into quarters. 1. ‘To Do’ 2. Time block 3. Who to contact 4. What to buy. Be a Listinator

23. Do one thing at a time

24.  And finish it

25. Recycle. Don’t be a dick

26. Have less stuff

27. Every season change have a clear out. Don’t wait for spring

28.  Put things where you need them. Vitamins next to your juice. Key hook by the front door.

29.  Put bins in every room

30. When something runs out, throw it away.

31. Stair basket for all the stuff that needs to go upstairs

32. Use only one diary. And use it.

33. Put a clock in every room.

34. Vacuum bags. Get them. Change your life one storage bag at a time.

35. Use drawers organizers. Especially for knicker drawers. File, comfortable, uncomfortable, colours, black, white, tan. THIS changed my life.

36. Fold your clothes and store them vertically in your drawers so you can see all your clothes and your don’t have to pick through piles.

37. Everything you need to leave the house with that day goes by the front door. Saves leaving that dinner you made in the fridge and spending £75 on ginger juice in Pret.

38. Leave the bargain in the shop. Unless it’s on your ‘To Buy’ list, don’t buy it.

39. Write everything down. Somewhere. And in the same place every time. Notes on your phone are a life saver. You wanna see mine? They’re so sexily categorized.

40. Back up your computer. Are you silly or something?

41. Have a list of your passwords. Somewhere offline obvs.

42. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails as soon as they come through.

43. Do the 15 minute sweep everyday. The more organised you get the quicker this will get.

44.  As soon as you get paid have numerous standing orders set up to divide your money. House bills, ISA, house savings, treat savings, holiday savings, everyday account. That’s how you will always be able to afford treats and holidays and still have money in your ISA. Magic.

45. Check expiration dates regularly. Even if it’s full, get rid.

46.  Have a first aid kit.

47. Have an emergency kit for car in the boot. Blanket, water, torch.

48. Always carry Lip balm, tampons and condoms.

49. Paint your keys with nail polish so you know which one is the key to my heart.

50. Now repeat until these routines become habits and you don’t even have to think.
Organisation is really a way to be lazily proficient.
Please pass on your ‘organisation tips’ as we’re just dying for some more ‘To Do’s’.

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