FOOTLOOSE’S Joanna Sawyer: On social media, Bumblescratch and Treating yourself! 

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We caught up with JOANNA SAWYER currently playing RUSTY on Tour in FOOTLOOSE. She’s one of those busy actors who gets her self stuck into lots of projects and is currently doing the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING for the new musical BUMBLESCRATCH starring DARREN DAY and MICHAEL XAVIER. We wanted to know how you get into a sideline like that and how to balance it all out in our busy lives. 

You’re a busy actor on tour with lots of projects how do you manage to fit it all in? 

It’s tough! But it’s so great to have lots of projects to keep you busy when you’re away from home, especially when your in places like Lowestoft on tour… it’s nice to have something outside of the show to test your brain. 

I use my travel day (Monday) as a day to touch base with running my accounts and to go to any meetings in London. I then make sure I dedicate at least 2 full mornings a week doing my social media and PA work. I’m also glued to my iPhone…

Tell us a bit about Bumblescratch and what we can look forward to.

Bumblescratch is a wonderful new musical written by Robert J. Sherman (whose father and uncle are the incredible Sherman Brothers) and Directed and Choreographed By Stewart Nicholls. It’s a new sung-through musical comedy about the Great Fire of London and a plague rat called Melbourne Bumblescratch. It gets its debut at The Adelphi Theatre September 4th in a One Night Only Gala Charity Concert with Darren Day and Michael Xavier leading a talented cast of actors. 

I worked with Robbie on his musical Love Birds last year at the Edinburgh Fringe, where it received 5 star reviews. And Bumblescratch is just wonderful! 

How did you get into a job like social media marketing for theatre?

As above – I worked with Robbie on his last musical and we worked very well together. We also worked with the fantastic Terri Paddock  (founder of @StageFaves ) on social media for Love Birds – so I was taken under their ‘wing’ for Bumblescratch. 

I also run my own vintage girl Band The Femmes along with 2 of my best friends so gained a good knowledge of the power of social media with them before working for Bumblescratch. 

What does it entail promoting Theatre online via social media?

It’s all about getting the word out as much as possible and creating a buzz so everyone wants to read your blog or retweet your quote or picture. Creating Lists on Twitter and encouraging interaction is what it’s all about. 

What’s your top tips for increasing visibility on social media? 

Tweet! Have something to say and say it. Connecting, talking and sharing with people about our passion for theatre is the best place to start. As a beginners guide # and tag as many people/accounts as you can that are relevant to what you are saying so that you can get your voice heard by as many people as possible. Did you know on picture tweets you can tag up to 10 accounts on that photo? Picture/linked tweets are also interacted with 10 times as much as a plain tweet on Twitter so get taking photos! 

You’re a busy actor, what’s your 3 best tips to stay organised? 

Have a do to list – I couldn’t live without mine. I even have to separate it between my 3 different jobs so I don’t get confused. 

Make time every week to get it all done so you’re not playing catch up. 

Use scheduling tools like tweetdeck and hootsuite. 

What do you do to keep you happy when you’re not working?

Spending time with my fiancé – family and friends support is so important and being on tour makes that even more apparent. 

Going out for cake and tea – finding the nicest cafe in each new city has become my thing on tour. 

Getting outside and exploring! 

What are the 3 best things you can do to look after yourself in this profession? 

Treat yourself! 

I always treat myself to something every week – whether it’s a delicious cupcake or cream tea (which is most of the time) to say ‘life is good well done’ 
Work hard. 

I read once about aiming to do one thing a day towards my career – whether that’s a work out, a singing lesson, a chat with my agent and it really helps to keep you on track mentally. 
Get involved. 

I’m part of a few different performing communities and it’s great to socialise with others in the same boat. Dance classes, choir, London Musical Theatre Orchestra @LMTO The Union, and running my own singing girl group. It keeps your performing clock ticking. 

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