10 Reasons you NEED a Sweet FA Day


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Your head is buried in the pillow and you’re awake enough to feel that you really should be getting yourself to the lavvy in the next 5-10 minutes but far too tired to catapult yourself into life just yet. But at some point the bladder is gonna win and you peel open your eyes for another day and bounce off your bedside table, corner of the bed (ouch!), hallway wall, picture frame in the eye, then plonk yourself on the loo eyes still shut gently swaying to the rhythm of the memory of sleep.

Why are you SO TIRED? ALL THE TIME? It can’t be normal? Right?
Have you ever really thought about what you really do in this business? How much of a superhero you actually are? You may run around on stage 8 times a week, or push though loooong shoot days where you cycle between high intensity action and biscuit eating for 12 hours. You may have been teaching all day then have to run to your evening job whilst figuring out how you’re gonna get the time off these jobs to go to an audition for a job you really want.

Whatever you’re doing; auditions, shows, rehearsals, new business ideas, shoots, promo, teaching, modeling, trying to break a water ski-ing Guinness world record. Let’s face it, you’re busy.

That’s why, more than anything right now, you need a SWEET FA DAY.

Here’s how to successfully do SWEET FA for a whole DAY:


1. Let go of all the guilt


Put down your list. Stash it away. Or if you really can’t be parted write down all your ‘To Do’s’ for tomorrow. But you ain’t doing nothing today sugar. You’re allowed one day, so don’t Jeff it up by feeling guilty. What a sorry way to do sweet FA.


2. Put all the gadgets in another room


Even if it’s just for an hour. The real way to relax is to get comfortable with boredom. Say “see ya” to stimulation. For starters the blue light messes with your production of melatonin, which is making you tired but equally stopping you from sleeping well. Plus, all that close up phone work is wreaking havoc on your eye-sight. Pop it down for an hour and see how your breathing slows and how you really relax. Nice right?!


3. Eat all the food


Come on, none of that guilt free nonsense today. On Sweet FA days there’s nothing to count other than your endorphins. So let’s not make ourselves feel sick but let’s definitely have an egg fried rice and a bit of trendy popcorn.


4. Watch all the Netflix 


Here’s where the real feast starts. Box-set Binge Biotches. This is gonna real help with the ‘sweet’ part of the ‘FA’. Lose yourself in that world, fall in love with that actor, cry when that other actor gets killed off and press play, play, play. That’s what ‘FA’ is all about.


5. Take all the baths


If you have trouble taking a bath a shower will suffice. Sitting in hot water isn’t for all, but the water is the leading role here. It’s relaxing, soothing and when you climb into that big robe afterwards you are gonna feel like a smug Spa-Day w*nker.


6. Drink all the tea


Full of anti-oxidants and whatnots it’s the perfect pallet soother for your day of FA. Is there anything better than tea from a pot? Pour it, sip it, pour it, sip it. It’s like really bloody English meditating.


7. Light all the candles 


Twinkly, lovely, sparkly candles are the only real accompaniment to a Sweet FA day. I defy any human being not to be altered by the sight of a shimmery lit candle. Relaxation triggers are all fired up with those flames. Watch them flicker and feel the good stuff pop and your breathing relax.


8. Listen to all the music


We know it’s the food of love and there’s a million manuals out there telling you how good it is for the soul. But how often do you ever just listen to it? Sure you have it on as a soundtrack for other tasks, but I mean sit and really listen to music. Pick out all the different instruments, hear all the lyrics. Got yourself another lovely form of mediation there kid. And an Om to you too.


9. Read all the books


Fall down the rabbit hole, step through the wardrobe and get on the Hogwarts express. Books take you away to far lands and into a world of pure imagination (I think I’m all clichéd out now). Books are written for a very good reason, to be read. Read them. You won’t find any better source of relaxation and escapism created by us mere little humans. Real Magic.


10. Do Sweet FA


If in doubt, just do what it says on the tin.

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