How to start your own podcast – in 6 easy steps


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A couple of weeks ago The Happy Performer were invited to chat some cracks on a cool new podcast Swipe Match Marry.

The podcast is in it’s first series but already received quite the following. It’s all about the weird and wonderful world of Modern Day Dating…I think we all concur the weirds and wonders. They cover everything from ‘Finding the One’ to ‘Placenta Brownies’. Delicious.

Swipe Match Marry is the brain child of Marny Clulow, James Nowell and Ste Clough. Collectively they’ve be working in theatre for almost 30 years as Wardrobe mistress, Head of Lighting and Actor/Choreographer.
We were thrilled to be asked onto the show for a good old chat and spill some dating beans of our own.

We know how hard it can be dating as a performer. We even devised our own 8 Secret Dating Tips for Straight Girls in Musical Theatre. The anti-social hours, travelling around lots and then there’s the whole gay:straight ratio conundrum. Dating is harder these days, it’s sometimes feels like another job on your ‘to do’ list.

That’s why SWIPE MATCH MARRY has been so successful and a good source of support and hilarity.

Listen to our Episode of SWIPE MATCH MARRY

Swipe Match Marry popped our podcasting cherry and now we’re totally gagging to join the audio world.

So what does it take to start your own podcast?

We found this great site called Buzzsprout that takes you through the basics.


Here’s  a Tick List of the basics that Swipe Match Marry’s James has suggested:

1. You need a host

According to the list of the top 8 is:

  • Soundcloud
  • Podomatic
  • Podbean
  • Buzzsprout
  • Conclusion

2. An RSS feed explains how it’s best to own your own feed and how an RSS feed “is not much different than a simple Web page.” also explains by you need a podcast only RSS feed.

3. Approval from Apple

This seems to take anything from a day to a week and a half. There’s lots of FAQ’s answered over on iTunes podcast FAQ

4. An omnidirectional microphone or good recording device.

Podcasting on a budget on has got some great mics to get you started. Or Google it yourself and you’ll find you are not stuck for suggestions.

5. Garage Band

It’s free and on most macs for starters and easily downloaded if not. There’s some other software out there too including Audacity which is also free!

6. Sound Baffles

Make your own whilst you’re getting started. The guys at SWIPE MATCH MARRY use towels on any back walls and tables.

There’s some pretty nifty ideas here on

All sounds simple right?

Get Podcasting!

Listen to our Episode of SWIPE MATCH MARRY

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