20 Ways to Add Variety to you Life

Welcome to the first in a regular feature; The Happy Performer Bookclub #HappyReads We’re quite the avid bookworms over here at The Happy Performer and we’ll be bringing you the best #HappyReads we can get out wormy little mitts on.  Read along with us and let us know which #HappyReads well…..made you Happy. What did […]

Why Performers need Internet Quotes.

Sophie Linder-Lee: Actor and creator of The Happy Performer  Another day, another scroll down your timeline punctuated with the ethereal voice of the God of the World Wide Web. The 21st century’s answer to those Sunday Psalms. The internet quote. Can I get an AMEN. But why do we whoop, holla and hallelujah the internet’s […]


Kerry Stammers is a Yoga teacher, Acro Yogi, Ex West End Wendy, treading barefootbabysteps into Motherhood, nature, travel, adventures, climbing trees and creative outlets.  One of the most important tools for an actor or singer is the voice so it makes sense that we keep the mechanisms that make it work top notch. The condition […]

How to eat Cake for Breakfast and be Happy. 

Dancer and Food Blogger Lauren O’Sullivan In that countdown to starting a new job (as in an actual acting/musical theatre/dance contract!!) there are feelings of pure excitement and a giddy sense of relief as you realise that you won’t have to temp or waitress or promote weird smelling foot cream for a prolonged period of […]

How do you measure your success?

  Cydney Uffindell-Phillips Performer, Creative, Choreographer and creator of Dokimi Network. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away” (unknown). This is a quote that has influenced many decisions in my life, and has guided me away from the safe path. It […]

Daniel Hope: “The Day I realised I’m Not Jeremy Jordan.”

We asked West End Actor Daniel Hope to tell us the biggest thing he’d learnt so far in his career. Daniel is about to join the cast of Matilda playing Michael Wormwood, coming straight from some show called Wicked playing the diminutive Boq. Third year of college and I’m seizing the day, singing my heart […]

The Happy Performer: WORKSHOP

Are you a school, college or institution? You might be interested in our Happy Performer Workshops. The workshops are designed to tackle the mindset of Performers. We all know that in an industry as turbulent as this one, success begins with looking after yourself first. How you think on a daily basis has a dramatic […]

Instagram #HappyPerformers of the week

  Once again at The Happy Performer we’ve been schmoozing on Instagram and enjoying some of the visually pleasing Performers we have found on the Internet’s most filtered site. Wanna know who to follow, stalk and crush over? Here’s our #HappyPerformers of the week  #MAJORLOLER of the weeek: Deliciously Stella @deliciouslystella is the alter-ego of stand-up comedienne @bellayounger. She’s […]

Quick Yeast-free bread recipe (with extra nutritional value!)

[do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] Dancer and Food Blogger Lauren O’Sullivan It’s happening. I am once again obsessed by The Great British Bake Off (#gbbo). As an aspiring amateur baker myself, I can’t help but watch eagerly every week and comment on the bakes, the bakers, the creativity, Paul and Mary, the general hilarity and just want to eat cake […]