How to be a REAL Triple Threat

“I’m a Triple Threat!”
The strongest most empowering statement any performer can ever declare. What a skill and a bloody good talent. I’m so glad you’ve worked hard on your craft and can nail the lot. So you can relax when you’re agent throws you a singing/reading call followed by an encore of Tap. Because nothing’s getting past you.
Now well done and take a look around; she’s a triple threat too, oh and him, and her over there, oh no, she’s not a triple threat because her voice is like cherubs coaxed it down from heaven, so she’s more like a Triple-Star-Threat.
The world of performers is squashed full to the brim with talent just like yours. I’m not trying to scare you, piss you off or patronize you. I’m just being honest. There’s some fudging triumphs paving the castings gold.
So these day’s it’s healthier to understand that being happy in this business isn’t just about what you can do. For any sort of longevity you’re gonna need a different kind of Triple Threat to make a real impact on your happiness. Being good at singing, dancing AND acting isn’t the magic formula, they’re skills that you worked hard on and will continue to do so throughout your career. Let’s talk about the REAL Triple Threat. The one that’s gonna look after your wellbeing, your mind, your lifestyle.

Now like I said, there’s a hundred other people that can do what you do in this industry. You see the ones in the casting waiting room that look and sound just like you. That old trippy glitch in the matrix. The truth is, sometimes they get it and sometimes you get it. All that depends on the decisions made by a group of human beings sat behind a table. That’s it. That’s showbiz. People making decisions about you and them. I know their decisions determine your sense of self-worth, but you gotta get sassy about that and take on that power yourself. You decide your sense of self-worth. Tenacity is the key. Bags and bags of it. They just made a choice, and if this is still what you want to do, then keep being tenacious. Keep looking after yourself and your skills and get back in there without letting the scars of the last let down sit too deep. Just people making decisions, not too scary is it. Cancel and continue.

This is one of the hardest but most important formulas for happiness you can learn. You’ve got to learn to TUNE OUT of other people’s stuff. So they got the part over you, you don’t know how many ‘no’s’ they’d got until they got their ‘yes’. Maybe they were due a ‘yes’? And Yes, it’s sucks but you’ve got to tune out of their stuff and tune into yours. So what if people just seem to jump from job, to job, to job. Good for them. Isn’t it brilliant people are working?
Reset your antennae and tune into your own show. I give you permission to be oblivious to others. How are you going to figure out your narrative if you’re always trying to read other people’s books? Remember you are playing the long game, and your only playing with yourself. I mean try that too, that will help you “Tune Out”.
At the end of the day you’re left with a list of credits of the jobs you did get not the ones you didn’t, that’s where your energy should be. Sometimes the happiest people in life are the most oblivious. Get a little less aware.
Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it just means you have to focus on yourself to get to where you want to be.

I know being a successful Actor, Singer or Dancer is at the top of your priorities and you are so lucky that you found your passion, your skill, your way in life. But like any other vocational career it comes with it’s drawbacks. But, that’s fine because you’ve got all the tools to handle them. You are eyes wide open to the slog but the rewards outweigh the hardships for you. Excellent. You’ve got something to live for. Be proud.
Now, I need you to find something else. You need some time off. If you are constantly piling your eggs in one basket it might start getting too heavy for you to carry around. Get a couple more baskets and spread them out a bit. How’s about a ‘Travel’ basket? Yes, put me some eggs in that one? Or a ‘Course’ basket? Learn some new skills. A ‘syncronised diving’ basket? What ever ‘divebombs’ your appetite. Have some Time Off from thinking about this business all the time. I’m not telling you to take a break from the industry, just to take ‘time off’ from it always being your primary focus. A rich life is one full of experiences and opportunities. Go find and create some. Make some choices of your own, take some risks and live it all.
Then whether the people behind the desk choose you or them, you got self-worth, you got tenacity, you got life.
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Post Author: The Happy Performer