Why Performers need Internet Quotes.

Sophie Linder-Lee: Actor and creator of The Happy Performer 

Another day, another scroll down your timeline punctuated with the ethereal voice of the God of the World Wide Web.

The 21st century’s answer to those Sunday Psalms.

The internet quote.

Can I get an AMEN.

But why do we whoop, holla and hallelujah the internet’s preachings and repost and hoot “ya hear me!” on a daily basis?

Here’s the Holy Lesson of the internet’s infinite knowledge that those quotes are delivering.


Now you might be someone who “hates all those w*nky quotes” but even you guys must admit that when a excellently put together meme hits you in your special spot, you may not share it but you sure as hell on a hot day, gonna screenshot it. Am I right? Why? Because one day you will find yourself flicking through your camera roll because you need reminding of that feeling you had when you first read it.

What was that feeling?


Someone put together a group of words that somehow connected the dots for you that day, it connected you the the person who first read or said it, then it connected you back to some deep core values of your own. Even the stupid funny shit connects you back to your sense of humour and makes you think, “oh yes, there I am, that’s me right there.”

All you have to do is share and you’ve managed to say what you feel without having to say it.

We have the ability as human beings to think all sorts of thoughts and feelings, usually at several 100mph and in no logical or comprehensive format. These thoughts flit from past, present to future and, as far as we know, it’s what sets us apart from the animal world; the ability to have foresight and plan. I know everyone out there is all like;

“you just gotta be present and live in the now,” 

which is excellent for relaxation and centering, but that ability to daydream, plan and imagine is your magic power.

As a performer you’re in a career that is vocational, which means you’ve chosen passion over money. The thing about vocational careers is that the gold really is at the end of the rainbow and it may look pretty, but it’s select, not everyone gets a ride over it. Most just fall in love with the view of the rainbow. So, in a world where passion as a currency can’t buy you much in terms of material goods, it means sometimes your life is hard, because a life without money; is hard. That is what we are all being taught in this time on Earth. But I’ll tell you what’s harder, life without passion.

Here’s a thought, and I want you to really feel it.

You have 10 minutes before you are going to die.

Which do you wish you had more of? Do you wish you had more Diptyque Baies candles? Or do you wish you had more passion? Because it’s all going in the landfill in the end anyway, but passion cannot be burnt out.

So those “silly internet quotes” are your reminders, your connection to your vocation, you’re connection to which direction you’re steering in next. Maybe the quotes steer you to another vocation or maybe they connect you further to this one.

The most important connection of all is that it connects you to the collective consciousness of your fellow man. People are writing this shit down and you are lapping it up and agreeing and feeling lightbulbs being switched on, one person at a time because what you feel, for real is:

“I’m so glad someone else feels that too.” 

If there’s ONE good thing to come out of the Internet it is;


We celebrate and strive for uniqueness in this modern day world but essentially we are all made of the same stuff. Our differences divide us but our similarities are what keep us connected, keeps us compassionate and protects us from harming each other.

So they may feel like silly quotes but they’re OUR silly quotes.

So you take them quotes, you fist pump a “hell yeah” and share them quotes to pay the connection forward.

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