20 Ways to Add Variety to you Life

Welcome to the first in a regular feature; The Happy Performer Bookclub #HappyReads

We’re quite the avid bookworms over here at The Happy Performer and we’ll be bringing you the best #HappyReads we can get out wormy little mitts on. 

Read along with us and let us know which #HappyReads well…..made you Happy. What did you learn about yourselves and others? What will you be implementing? Did you laugh? Cry? Have an epiphany the size of the Milky Way? We want to know your thoughts and also suggestions for #HappyReads. 

First up:

Stumbling on Happiness – Daniel Gilbert

Daniel Gilbert is a Harvard College Professor and has won numerous awards for his teaching and research. His research has been featured in New York Times Magazine, Forbes, Money, The New Yorker, Oprah Magazine, Psychology Today, and more. 

The book approaches the science of ‘Happiness’ and all the collective components that contribute to a Happy Life. 
Gilbert opens up the conversation to the difference between the choices that you make on your quest for happiness when you’ve got 10 minutes to live or you know for certain that you’re going to live until you’re 101.

Gilbert works his way through all the scientific evidence for what really creates the idea of happiness for humans. 
One of the main lessons from the book is that our definition of what makes us happy is always changing. What made us happy yesterday may not make us happy tomorrow. You may say we are creatures of habit and some excellently well executed positive habits create for a long term kind of happiness that is a slow simmer of security. But what really makes our endorphins pop is new discovery, first experiences, fresh ideas and spontaneous feelings of joy. 

If you’ve had a killer of an 8 show week with castings sprinkled on top and some understudy rehearsals, maybe a Gin Cock-Tin on the train home on a Saturday night with a side of a trendy middle class Scotch eggs tastes like pure happiness in your heart. But what if you did this every night that week? I’d say the glory of the the divine combination slowly begins to lose it’s shine. You could pack it away for 3 nights tops, then I’m pretty sure the effect would be long lost. So you don’t do it everyday as you know it will lose it’s big hit. The anticipation of the act that you do for ‘special occasions’ is the big contributor to how much you will actually enjoy the act itself.

Here’s some ideas to add Variety to Spice up your life:

1. Watch the sunrise

2. Take a different route to work

3. Go on a Road trip 

4. Change music your music choice

5. Get crafty

6. Read poetry 

7. Wander down memory lane with old photos and letters/cards

8. Cook something new

9. Volunteer for a good cause

10. Spend time with pets/animals

11. Buy flowers

12. Learn a new language

13. Rearrange your furniture 

14. Go to a sports event 

15. Get a new Haircut 

16. Do adventure activity 

17. Read a book

18. Draw

19. Wear different clothes 

20. Change your workout 

Next up on #HappyReads

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