How to survive ‘Doubling up’ Shows

Well I never, you’ve only gone and got yourself another job. Congratulations. Pop, pop, pop.  What’s that? You’ve already got a job? Oh two at once, even more congratulations and felicitaciones to you. Now all you have to think about is how you’re going to survive the workload. Who’d have thunk it, two jobs at once?! So here’s our guide to surviving the gift of ‘Doubling up’.

Food prep:

It’s the key to not spending all your “double wages” on food on the run. Plus, you will make healthier choices if you plan in advance which will give you much better energy for the long days in the long run. Get yourself a batch of Tupperware, a slow cooker and make sure there’s enough room in your freezer. 12 meals a week is all you need because you can eat out or cook at home on your day off. You’ll thank yourself for your organisation come double show day when you are running from a morning of rehearsals to your matinee knowing you’ve got lunch and dinner already sorted. Well smell you! 

Mini chill outs:

You probably want to socialise with your casts mates on both jobs in your lunch and tea breaks but give yourself 10 minutes of headspace in a quiet corner. Both casts know how much fun you are and also how much you need 10 minutes to yourself. This great HEADSPACE APP gives you 10 mins of downtime. Quiet corner, headphones in, scarf over face. Rest. 

Use your travel time:

It’s so easy to be dragged into the draw of the other world in your phone on public transport, just like everyone else. But doubling up is the one time you are gonna need to stop the social scrolling and learn your harmonies and lines. You don’t have that luxury of a free evening to get the new show into your brain. Headphones in and knuckle down on your train, bus, walk to rehearsals, to the theatre and back home again. May as well get the most out of your rising travel fairs and rinse them for all they’re worth. 

Steam, water, tea:

You’re gonna be tired, there’s no getting around that. One of the most important sources of fighting fatigue is to make sure you stay hydrated, that goes for your voice too as its working all day now. No contemplating waking up your voice at 4pm like you usually would. So lots of water, tea and steam before bed, if steaming works for you. You may pee a bit more but you’ll be less tired. 

Have some fun:

Even though you are working 12 hour days 6 days a week you don’t need to banish the fun. Get a good book or box set on the go for your lunch/tea breaks, perfect for zoning out and re-setting your stress levels and breathing patterns. Do something fun for a couple of hours on your day off, don’t be tempted to spend your entire day in bed otherwise it’ll be really hard to get going again Monday. Snippets of fun keep you happy on the run. 

Change your energy change your mind:

Low energy breeds low moods. So you know when you’re so tired and go round telling everyone that you’re “so tired” and you feel more tired to validate that what you’re saying is true?! You really are “so tired”. So people say, “oh are you love” and then they go back their task, so you go and tell more people that you’re “so tired” to really continue to validate that feeling. 

What a weary spiral of tiredness. So what if you made a pact with yourself to stop talking about your tiredness? You might not validate those feelings quite so tirelessly? You might even recognise some moments of high energy? You might then go out of your way to consciously lift your energy and therefore lift your mindset into a more productive place? Who’d have thunk it?! Well you did it actually. 

Change your mind, change your energy and change your energy change your mind

Happy Double Showbizzing!

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Post Author: The Happy Performer