6 traits all Performers need to succeed. 

Actor and Life coach Sophie Linder-Lee Do you have something that you are struggling with at the moment? I know what you’re thinking: “Did she really just ask that?”  Of course you do, we all have ‘The Stuff’. It’s what makes us feel significant actually. All ‘The Stuff’ reminds us what’s important, what matters and […]

How to save your Universe, when the world is losing theirs…

Errhhh merrrh Geeerd what IF Trump’s president? What if America never change their gun laws? What if Global Warming really is a thing? Never mind all the poor Syrian refugees, the colossal rise in house prices and can you really catch cancer from EATING TOO MANY FLUMPS??!!! All just a few of the terrors that […]


Organising is really just one big game of Tetris. Stack the stuff neatly and lines of problems will just keep disappearing right before your eyes. Promise. Having just spent the last 3 days face deep in tax receipts that show my penchant for scotch eggs and Dr Organic deodorant, I’m feeling like I’m on level […]