How do you measure your success?

  Cydney Uffindell-Phillips Performer, Creative, Choreographer and creator of Dokimi Network. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away” (unknown). This is a quote that has influenced many decisions in my life, and has guided me away from the safe path. It […]

5 Ways to Tweet your Way to Success

[do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] Joanna Sawyer: Footloose Actress and Theatre Social Media Marketer “Everyone deserves the chance to fly…with Twitter” Tweet your way to success. Actors. Business People. Hard Grafters. Creative Beings. Being an actor is a whirlwind of emotions and a lot of hard work. Yourself, the actor extraordinaire that you are, is effectively a business […]

10 Ways to Fire Up your Career with YOGA

[do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] Kerry Stammers is a Yoga teacher, Acro Yogi, Ex West End Wendy, treading barefootbabysteps into Motherhood, nature, travel, adventures, climbing trees and creative outlets. Yoga does so much more for you than just bend you into a Pretzel. Performers of every kind, be it actors, singers, dancers or musicians, can reap the benefits […]

Lyrics to Live By: 10 Musical Theatre Mantras

[do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] Rosie Williamson is a performer, singing teacher and creator of “What Would Julie Do?”: A Practically Perfect Guide to Living ( a blog taking hypothetical advice from the legend, superstar and guru of musical theatre perfection, Dame Julie Andrews. Follow her on twitter: @SingingRosieLee, Instagram: @whatwouldjulie and on Facebook: One of the […]

7 Top Theatre Ticket Tricks! 

[do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] Actress Emma Ralston Blogs all things Bargains.   Life’s a bit expensive innit? Especially the life of a performer what with singing lessons, dance classes, head shots, triple-shot caffeine fix before your 8am audition, birthday present for your agent’s cat, not to mention seeing lots of talented pals in shows. Well have no fear […]

Ed Fringe: How NOT to get disheartened by small audiences

[do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] If you’ve never been to Edinburgh Fringe Festival then you really have NO idea what you’re missing out on. The gothic backdrop of the city is a mere aside to the rainbow of Arts, stories and carnivality that is the Fringe. It’s the perfect place to finely tune your FOMO knob, because half […]

8 Secret Dating Tips for Straight Girls in Musical Theatre

[do_widget id=wpcom_social_media_icons_widget-5] [do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] Unless you pin down one of those metaphorical flies before you head into theatreland there’s a high chance you are gonna have to succumb to being ‘Une cellule individuelle’ for the duration. I’m not trying to put the willies up you, although that is certainly the long term goal, I’m just […]

Onstage Anxiety: 5 ways to Breathe your way out of a Panic Attack

[do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] So the worst has happened, you’re having a panic attack onstage. You’re trapped in an open cage. The scariest part of this whole stampede on your body, is no matter how much you use your lungs, you just cannot breathe all the air you need, yet you’re drowning in it. Now here’s the […]

Onstage Anxiety: The real reason you are panicking

[do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] The first thing you need to know is that you’re amazing. You put yourself in a vulnerable, terrifying situation for a living and you don’t just survive, you excel at it. That takes an iron clad amount of self belief. You got that kid. In spades. So what is this crippling fear that […]