Daniel Hope: “The Day I realised I’m Not Jeremy Jordan.”

We asked West End Actor Daniel Hope to tell us the biggest thing he’d learnt so far in his career. Daniel is about to join the cast of Matilda playing Michael Wormwood, coming straight from some show called Wicked playing the diminutive Boq. Third year of college and I’m seizing the day, singing my heart […]

How to Fit in the HIIT – 20 minute Home Workout

[do_widget id=synved_social_share-2] Actress and Fitness Blogger Steph Parry It’s 9am on a Wednesday, I’m awake drinking tea and trying to figure out how I’m going to fit in some kind of exercise today.  Y’see, it’s matinee day and I’ve arranged a meeting beforehand so time is very limited.  Well, ta daaaaa!!!! This is where HIIT […]

How to save your Universe, when the world is losing theirs…

Errhhh merrrh Geeerd what IF Trump’s president? What if America never change their gun laws? What if Global Warming really is a thing? Never mind all the poor Syrian refugees, the colossal rise in house prices and can you really catch cancer from EATING TOO MANY FLUMPS??!!! All just a few of the terrors that […]