Are you a college, school or institution?

Are you committed to looking after student welfare?

Are you doing all you can for your students but feel some students are holding themselves back?

Would you like your students to learn some fundamental life skills and tools for understanding what drives them as performers and humans?

Would you like your graduates to be able to take care of their mindset in a healthy and empowering way once they leave?

Would you like to feel confident that you’ve done all you can to prepare them for ‘the unknown’ in a career in the Performing Arts?

Here at The Happy Performer we are committed to looking after performers and encouraging them to become the best, most resourceful and happiest versions of themselves. We believe if we really concentrate on some performer’s limiting beliefs about themselves and teach them how they can overcome what’s holding them back, we can create some positive changes in their lives. The tools and skills we teach will help lead them to have a more fulfilled and meaningful career in the Arts.

What do our Workshops involve?

– Creating new patterns of positive mindset

– Breaking Free of limiting behaviours and thought patterns

– Discovering what drives their basic behaviours and desires

– Understanding the ‘Fight or Flight’ Response and how to use it to it’s full power in performance

– Easy and quick NLP exercises for overcoming nerves

– Tools for easing stress, anxiety and nerves

– Goal setting and forming positive habits

– Beating Procrastination

– How to get comfortable with rejection

We believe that learning certain strategies and skills like these are vital. If they learn to take care of their thoughts, and recognise problems as and when they arise it leads to a healthier and more balanced quality of life.

Someone can be skilled in the all disciplines of performance but we know that the power of the mind and strength of a persons character is really what drives individuals to a successful, long and happy career.

Please get in touch to book a workshop for your college, school or institution.

Workshops are lead by West End Actress and Accredited Life Coach Sophie Linder-Lee.


Sophie has been working in the industry for over 12 years and some of her credits include ‘Glinda’ in Wicked, ‘Janet’ and ‘Columbia’ in Rocky Horror Show and Mamma Mia!

She is passionate about creating honest, open spaces for performers to engage in positive tools and experiences for growth as humans beings.

She likes her participants to get stuck in, energised and challenges them to be the bravest person in the room.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a Happy Performer Workshop

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